Time to celebrate: The Beauty of Transformation

Not only does summer start June 21st. It´s also THE DAY to celebrate different kinds of transformative processes!

Through an interactive exhibition you can …


  • the transformation of the Transformation::Spaces for future-oriented learning, short “Trafos”, themselves. Explore what has happened so far! (C25.019)
  • the “future wall”. Participate in how the story continues!
  • a little journey through space (C25.021) prepared by students of the course “From walk and talk to WALK THE TALK. Cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset.”

get interesting insights into …

  • students´ learning journeys. Look behind the scenes of competency development! (C25.007)
  • how to make a vertical farm yourself! (C25.006)
  • how the Trafos are actually operating! (C25.006)


  • Wareniki (Ukrainian dish offered by a student initiative)
  • all different kinds of contributions to a potluck buffet
  • what the Trafos Community is like!

We are looking forward to seeing you there June 21st!


17:30 Personal welcome and mingle

17:45 Opening words and guiding information: Why this event? Why Trafos? What to explore?

18:00 Exploration phase!

18:45 Coming back together: Sharing impressions

19:15 Wrap up & start of community dinner

… along with music, spontaneous conversations, … celebrating summer, co-creation, innovation, …

See you at the Trafos (C25)!